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Welcome to the
new era of retail.

Experience the simplified path to retail success.
Refrigerated Goods

Today’s consumers move fluidly across both physical and digital touchpoints. OneStone, simplifies the retail ecosystem and reflects the shopper journey so brands can grow and sell

See how we do it.

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Connected Retail Strategy

Represent your brand across all channels to deliver a connected experience. We develop strategies that grow our clients' brands  in store and online at the world's largest retailers like Amazon and Walmart.


Optimize your supply chain and

operations process to reduce costs, chargebacks, and ensure product is available to the shopper no matter where they buy.

High-powered operations


Retail Media Advertising

If consumers can't find you, they can't buy from you. All your advertising spend in one house, with one data source for all, one dashboard, and one high-touch team.


Creative services led by art+science

OneStone works as one connected brand experience team so all consumer touchpoints are consistent.


Continuous insights and innovation

Never play catch-up again. Adapt and change with consumer behavior using powerful data and the OneStone Mind Hive technique.

Move ahead with next-generation data & technology

Powerful insights and analytics designed for decisions. Customized dashboards containing multi-retailer sales analysis, shopper behavior, keyword efficacy, forecasting, category data, and more. 

Walmart Aisle

Brands we've helped grow.

Essentia Water Retail Page.jpg


Amazon's best selling brand

Our partnership with Essentia Water created the #1 best seller SKU in mineral water. Essentia’s catalog profitability has increased 20% year-over-year with an overall year-over-year sales increase of 28%.

Thermacell patio shield.png


7.5x revenue growth in 4 years

Our partnership with Thermacell has led to a 7.5x revenue  growth in 4 years, #1 Best Seller Rank across 3 sub-categories, and is now the #1 market share in the mosquito repellent category.


Moving from Walmart private label to branded on Amazon

For 10+ years a Chinese company played behind the scenes, manufacturing Walmart private label electronics accessories. See what it takes to launch as an independent brand on Amazon.



Establishing growth in a highly saturated market as a newer brand on Amazon

Ketona is a newer premium dog food brand who entered a highly saturated, expensive category. As a small business, Ketona needed a solution to grow brand awareness with a conservative budget, while also maintaining or improving efficiency.

Recognized at Amazon's unBoxed event

Our Clients

Why companies love OneStone.

"Explosive ecommerce growth on Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot."

"OneStone has driven explosive ecommerce growth on Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot through top-notch business management, marketing initiatives, and partnerships."

Josh Silvia

Director of Ecommerce at Thermacell


The latest from OneStone

Complex retail ecosystems require simplicity from OneStone.

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