• Date

    April 1st, 2021

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    OneStone Communications

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    Blog Post

2 easy things you need to do for your Amazon business right now

Let’s be real, ecommerce is a lot of work. It can seem like once you’ve crossed something off your to-do list, 2 more are added. The bad? The rules are always changing. The good? The rules are always changing. This means the rules that the big companies play with don’t necessarily mean the small ones can’t compete. As VP of Client Management, Jimmy Barber says, “Selling online is the wild west of retail.  Ecommerce is a lot more walking than it is talking. You have to get in there and get your hands dirty and break stuff. The rules are not set yet and the rules change all the time. If you know the nuances of the platforms and the secrets to win, you can win. It doesn’t matter how small you are.”

Earlier this week, Tim Reintgen, of Plytix, hosted a webinar with Jimmy (who is always camera-ready) about  how to turn impressions into conversions on Amazon. This session was full of actionable advice, but if you’re pressed for time, here are two simple things you can do today to move your Amazon business forward:

Tell a story about why your brand exists.

On mobile, the easiest way to shop is with the swipe of your thumb with images. People buy into stories. Many conversions are happening just because of these 8-10 images and graphics. Are your images telling a compelling story about your product and how it fits into your consumers’ lives?


Carve out time during your day to shop on your phone like a customer.

Often when we’re working on our online products we are in work mode and most likely at our desktops. With more and more shoppers shopping from their phones, it’s important to see the difference in shopping experiences. Take the time to see your shopping journey through the lens of the customer. How does it feel? Would you buy your product based on your mobile experience?

Next week, Tim will be hosting OneStone’s Claire Trellis as they discuss product listings on Walmart. To sign up CLICK HERE.