• Date

    July 6th, 2021

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    OneStone Communications

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3 Amazon Store examples that engage and inspire

Amazon brand stores are ideal for brands needing a unique way to engage customers and provide them with a custom online shopping experience. With features like a follow button, video, compelling layouts, and content features beyond single products, think of these store pages as your own ecommerce site on Amazon. The benefits of creating an engaging and inspiring store page is that it introduces your brand to the customer using your unique voice.

In the past, consumers had a low trust for buying products online rather than in store. Content was focused more towards the algorithm/SEO than the actual shopper. As a result, detail pages were constructed in ways that were often complex and unhelpful in the consumer purchase experience. Fast forward to today, brands understand their Amazon landing page is likely the most highly visited location for consumers to learn about their products. Even in store shoppers are now pulling out their phones to check product reviews, feature graphics, and specs on products. Your content is a central piece of your marketing for informing and convincing shoppers to buy your product.

“As algorithms continue to improve, more and more focus will be given to a customized, convenient experience for the consumer,” says Jacob Sizelove, Director of Ecommerce Operations at OneStone,” expect less dependency on lengthy bullets and paragraphs and more opportunities for brands to engage with their shoppers. Interactive features, such as brand store pages and rich media opportunities, should become much more emphasized components of the online shopping experience.”

Looking for inspiration for your Amazon Store? We have 3 examples of brands that engage and inspire:

Thermacell Amazon Store

As we’re in peak mosquito season, what this brand aims to do with their store is educate the consumer exactly how the product works and the benefits. Visitors are able to see the full array of product lines and most importantly, why it’s superior to other products in the market. With infographics and videos telling the story of the product, customers know exactly what to expect with their purchase. Trust is another message the Thermacell store wants to tell – you’ll even find a picture of the Thermacell team at the bottom of the home page.

Rug Doctor

What stands out right away for Rug Doctor’s Amazon Store is that it answers the question of how the product can solve the customer’s need.  The carpet cleaning tips sections serves as a great avenue for customers to learn more about how to best use the products as well as provide a motivation for them to buy via presenting actual use cases and being able to embed items directly into the content.

This problem + solution formula simplifies the decision process for the consumer with links to products that directly solve the customer’s pain point.


After visiting the Gehl’s store page, how can your mouth not water thinking of all the cheesy goodness? The nacho cheese category is high volume but low saturation, so the Gehl’s page tries to use A+ and Brand Store to differentiate from competition, since no competitors currently have coordinated content across their ASINs.

OneStone has a team of Amazon strategy experts who specialize in helping brands sell more on Amazon. If you need to improve your Amazon Brand Store, we’re ready to help!