• Date

    February 15th, 2021

  • Author

    OneStone Communications

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    Blog Post

3 Harmful beliefs that can derail your ecommerce strategy

“We’ve always done it that way!” We talk a lot about the day-to-day execution, but what is behind action? It’s the firmly held beliefs about your business. Jacob Snelson, Anna Bever, Cole Walker, and Kade Scott from our Marketing team shared these 3 common harmful beliefs that often hold back businesses from growth in ecommerce:

1) Customers are the same on every platform

Walmart customers are very different than Amazon customers.

People search differently on Amazon than they search on Walmart. While Amazon is very keyword search heavy at a category level, customers on Walmart tend to be repeat purchasers, who know exactly what they want.

2) Doing what your competition does

While it’s a very valid question to ask what the competition is doing, we don’t always know their goals – and most importantly, their goals are not your goals.

A better way to look at it is to start with your specific  business objectives and create a plan that will achieve those goals. Focusing on only the competitor doesn’t spend your money wisely.

3) Assuming you have the magic formula

We’ll be straight with you  – There is no magic formula. Ecommerce moves so quickly that what may have been a winning strategy 9 months ago, doesn’t work anymore.

We’re fine dropping the pride if that’s what’s best for business. We can recognize when we need to pivot and move on to the next. Always be learning.