• Date

    January 4th, 2021

  • Author

    OneStone Communications

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    Blog Post

Adjusting Product Detail Page content based on COVID-19 behaviors

It’s been impressive to see brands on TV and social media pivot to incorporate COVID-19 into their story. From the obvious Lysol wipes to Uber Eats to Peloton many brands have evolved their messaging to one that brings value into our changed daily routines. Our recommendation for brands it to be aware how your brand falls into today’s world that we’re living in and adjust your content on your product detail page. Just because your product isn’t health and hygiene related doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a new human behavior over the past year that has changed the use of your product.

Your PDP is an extension of your brand. We tend to spend a lot of our time buttoning up the content and visuals for a perfect ad for Instagram, but if you think about where your customer actually spends more time interacting with your brand, it’s most likely on your Product Detail Page. So why doesn’t your PDP content get as much love as the Instagram posts?

We see traditional ads from brands incorporate messages of COVID, so it’s a good time to adjust your content on your product detail page to reflect the world that we’re living in.

Don’t know where to start? The good news is many of our customers are already telling us! Let’s take a look at this fitness/yoga ball at Walmart:

Listen to the customer and see how they’ve been using the product differently. In 2019, “virtual school” wouldn’t be associated with this item, but now would be a perfect time for this brand to add content based on working from home and virtual school to their product description along with its intended uses in traditional fitness activities. Take a look at this review below to see how the customer has changed the intended use of this product:

Take some time to audit your product detail page content and determine, based on recent behaviors, if there is an opportunity to change your messaging. Here are some trends and cross-category examples to prime your brain:

We’re still at home: Expected to still continue at least through the first half of the year, how does your product fit into a work from home routine? We’re spending the bulk of our time at home and brands can change their content that offers solution to enhance the home office, the distance-learning school room, and home decor makeovers. Retail brands can offer product solutions to enhance pandemic-born rooms in the house, like their home office, home gym, and gaming rooms.

Small gatherings: Even with the roll out of the vaccine, limitations on gatherings will still be standard in 2021. Everything from smaller wedding venues and muted social activities. In 2021, people will plan even the smallest moments to celebrate the people they love, from movie nights to date nights. Entertainment brands can help consumers up their at-home movie game, while food and beverage brands can help them create the perfect date-night dinner.

Outdoor living: Vacations and activities have shifted to the outdoors and many are connecting more with nature. Even auto care brands can join in the trend of increased road trips and more time in the car.

Self-care: With stress and anxiety at an all time, bedtime and pampering routines will be more luxurious than ever. From home goods for a better night sleep to exercise routines, people will bring intention to more relaxing regimens.