• Date

    May 6th, 2021

  • Author

    OneStone Communications

  • Post Type

    Blog Post

Analytic Index and OneStone partnership gives brands deep dive access into both Amazon and Walmart

OneStone recently announced our partnership with Analytic Index to help brand manufacturers profitably drive category dominance in the market for Amazon & Walmart.com. Analytic Index gives deep dive access into both retailers with abilities to split intelligence by brand, category, keyword, & item.

While studying platform and scrape data is nothing new to us, expanding into the macro category landscape is the next step in capitalizing new ecommerce opportunities. The category data landscape is tumultuous, with many promising a comprehensive view, but confining users to predefined categories and measures used namely for historic tracking.

Why is this a perfect partnership? We are continuously learning every day how to take strategy to the next level with data. Until now, macro level data has been far out of reach and we believe in the need to have access to all of our competing categories to bring our offering to the next level.

Analytic Index is our treasure map, and we’re doing the hiking.

The power in this partnership is having Analytic Index’s dynamic roadmap and OneStone’s ecommerce expertise to interpret and provide actionable recommendations to our clients. “With this partnership, we are now able to provide a deeper view to many questions our clients ask us like ‘What brands are winning on which word sets in which categories? Are they doing it with advertising? Are Amazon owned private labels capsizing the ability to spend into the category?’”, explains Riley Beirise, Director of Insights & Continuous Improvement at OneStone, “a plan can be adjusted for all of the above by using the right treasure map [Analytic Index] and right set of feet [OneStone].”

Some of the applications this partnership brings to clients and ecommerce operations:

  • Continuous strategic planning against other major brands
  • Opportunistic actioning in category spaces
  • Contextual price positioning
  • Keyword researching over time
  • Organic vs Sponsored winners by share of shelf

Both companies service similar clients in different ways, leaning on different pillars of expertise. The result is a well-informed manufacturer with the right context and team to execute with. “This is a perfect scenario of 1 + 1 = 3,” adds Riley, “we’re not interested in category data for simply reporting the weather. With Analytic Index, we can find new opportunities for business growth.”