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Data Usage & Protection Agreement

By providing data, assets, and/or information to OneStone Solutions Group (“OneStone”) you, your principal, and/or employer (hereinafter “Client”) agree to the following terms:

To the best of Client’s knowledge, all data, assets, and information is true and correct and accurately reflects Client’s working database(s), electronic data interchange (EDI) feeds, and associated reporting including, but not limited to, forecasting, sales, inventory, and production planning. If the data, assets, and/or information provided by the Client is used by OneStone for modeling, resulting models will retain data, assets and/or information with time stamp references. Client will not be responsible for the refresh, update, or ongoing accuracy of the data, assets, and/or information included in models built by OneStone. OneStone will neither refresh the data, assets, and/or information included in these models on its own nor hold Client responsible for ongoing accuracy or integrity of previously supplied data, assets, and/or information.

Client represents and warrants that the upload of any data, assets, and information, complies with all applicable local, state, and national laws, whether foreign or domestic, including laws applicable to the upload of any personal information or personally identifiable information. OneStone disclaims all responsibility for the upload of any data or materials in violation of any local, state, and/or national laws, whether foreign or domestic.

OneStone has the right, at its sole discretion, to use data, assets, and information provided by Client in connection with the conduct of OneStone’s business, including, but not limited to prediction modeling and category work.

OneStone will not sell Client data, assets, and/or information provided to any third party. OneStone may, however, engage third party agents, vendors, or contractors to process, analyze, transmit, or store such data, assets, and information.

OneStone may develop software products and/or licenses based on models created, in whole or in part, incorporating OneStone’s analysis data, assets, and/or information provided by the Client. Client does not maintain any right to such analyses or the resulting software and is not entitled to any royalties, license fees, or other payments based on the sale or licensing of such software.

By providing OneStone with data, assets, and information, Client agrees that OneStone bears no responsibility, liability, or culpability for the loss, theft, destruction, publication, or corruption of such data, assets, and information.

Client acknowledges that data, assets, and information transmitted to OneStone may serve as an input or export of information stored by OneStone in association with Client’s client ID within OneStone’s database(s) pursuant to the terms previously agreed upon by OneStone and Client.

If, in the future, the general contract between OneStone and Client is terminated, data, assets, and information provided to OneStone by Client will be exported and loaded onto OneStone’s Secure Client Portal and will be made available for retrieval for a limited amount of time following termination.


All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved by OneStone. Use of OneStone Services is subject to

1. Acceptance of OneStone’s Privacy Notice available at

2. Acceptance of OneStone’s Terms & Conditions available at


If you have questions, about OneStone’s collection, use, or retention of your information, please contact us at

Last modified: November 23, 2022

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