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Moving from Walmart private label to branded on Amazon

Retailer: Amazon

Category: Electronic Accessories

The Situation

For 10+ years a Chinese company played behind the scenes, manufacturing Walmart private label electronics accessories. Although backed with the industry know-how and access to resources for product development, the manufacturer was lost on what it would take to sell as its own independent brand on Amazon. They came to OneStone for help.


3PL connections, brand and value identity, assortment strategy


OneStone Consulting Difference

OCG saw three significant barriers preventing retail readiness: a solid brand identity & value differentiator, connection to a stateside 3PL, and a competitive and profitable assortment. At the end of a 12-week engagement, Fousine received a fully developed roadmap, detailing all steps necessary to launch. As an additional measure, OCG connected Fousine with multiple fitting 3PL partners to ensure a smooth transition 

The Results

Fousine is working the roadmap internally for the next phase of preparation. They plan to launch in 2023.

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