• Date

    February 8th, 2021

  • Author

    Richard Cole

  • Post Type

    Blog Post

Great Company, Growing People, Getting Results

eCommerce Is Supply Chain

OneStone uses a system called EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) as our operating framework. One of the first steps we took when implementing EOS was to define our Core Focus. We worked to answer the huge question, “Why do we exist?” and landed on a simple phrase that holds, for us, massive depth.

“Great Company, Growing People, Getting Results”

There is nothing novel or original in those words. In fact, we copied them from another company that uses EOS. The meaning behind them, though, is all ours. It drives our decisions, our direction, and how we work. I want to focus on the word that has become surprisingly powerful over our last two years of rapid growth. Company.

We’re quick to point out that we’re building a company and not a business. The difference is subtle and it’s not one found in dictionaries. It may only matter to our team, our clients, and our partners, but the difference for them is tangible.

A business, we say, exists to make money. 

A company, we say, exists to create value. 

OneStone creates value for our clients by treating their brands like they’re our own and continually looking for ways to serve them more fully. We create value for our team by focusing on relationships, investing in development, being transparent in good and bad, and by operating with deep trust in each person to deliver. We create value for our shareholders by being laser focused on top-line growth that is tightly managed to bottom-line strength.

I’m not making the case that a business is bad and that a company is good. I am convinced, however, that our emphasis, our core focus, of being a great company makes all the difference in our ability to build something truly valuable.