T. Marzetti

Dressing up the business.

Retailer: Amazon

Category: Salad Dressings & Toppings


Channel strategy, Category identification, Size of prize analysis, 4-phase launch plan

The Situation

Marzetti, an established brand in the world of dressings, dips and frozen breads, needed to understand if the jump to Amazon was worth the risk. Their products were difficult and expensive to ship, many needing to stay refrigerated or frozen. There were also multiple places to sell - Amazon 1P, 3P or Fresh. Which would be right for their business?


OneStone Consulting Difference

With the expansive assortment under the Marzetti brand, we found feasibility in working across all three channels, taking advantage of logistical differences opportunities them. Category definition would determine size of prize, so we discovered correct placement, taking into account how Amazon defines category vs. how the shopper understands it. We identified big risks for Marzetti: expensive shipping, leaky distribution in a world of 3P sellers, and the establishment of a 1P buyer relationship. Finally, we homed in on the brand's value props, competition, brand recognition and marketing investment to create a 4-phase launch plan on-platform, leading the brand team through tactical execution for retail readiness. 

The Results

Marzetti walked through the execution of strategies put forth by OneStone Consulting Group and is launching several brands on Amazon in 2023.