• Date

    April 12th, 2021

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    OneStone Communications

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    Blog Post

Meet the people behind OneStone Media Group

There’s an abundance of technology and processes out there to help you with your tactics in ecommerce, but a solid strategy is what will get you to your destination. This can only be achieved by a team with a deep understanding of your business and the dedication to work relentlessly to achieve your goals. Many articles often mistake strategy for tactics, but let’s be clear – there are quite a few differences between strategy and tactics. Strategy defines your long-term goals and how you’re planning to achieve them. Tactics are much more concrete and are often oriented toward smaller steps and a shorter time frame along the way. They involve best practices, specific plans, resources, etc.

We believe it’s the people behind a successful strategy.

Why did we create OneStone Media Group? It’s simple: the ecommerce marketing strategy that is most profitable in 2021 and beyond requires management on all ad buys across multiple retailers for your items. Retail Media has become critical to finding and serving your customers and we are poised to deliver across channels. Multi-retailer media is now handled under one roof, and all it takes is OneStone.

OneStone Media Group believes strategy is only as good as the people behind it. Read a bit more about the people powering OneStone Media Group to create a more profitable, flexible, and faster growth for your business.

Jacob Snelson – VP of Marketing

Jacob SnelsonWith 10 years digital marketing experience across all digital platforms, Jacob is an expert in the industry with an intuitive finger on the pulse of new, upcoming ad platforms and strategies, as well as established digital advertising. He’s designed & executed major CPG brands PPC ads & strategies across top national retailers such Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Amazon, & Kroger.


Anna Bever – Digital Omni Marketing Manager

Anna BeverAnna leads the Omni Marketing Retailer strategy, matching the consumer, product, and retailer that is most profitable for brands. Previously, she spent 5 years at Walmart Home Office in planning, buying, and product development and has 2 years of Analytics & Shopper Marketing agency experience.


Cole Walker – Marketing Lead

Cole WalkerCole’s expertise is Multi Retailer Advertising, Omni Retailer Strategy & Optimizations. With full knowledge Amazon Advertising Suite, you’ll leave every conversation with him ready (and excited) to move forward with your plans.



Kade Scott – Marketing Lead

Kade ScottKade has deep expertise with Walmart.com and Walmart analytics with multiple CPG Brands across multiple categories. With all the recent changes Walmart Connect, Kade knows how complex today’s shopper journey is and drives for client success at America’s largest retailer.


Chase Arnold – Marketing Analyst

Chase ArnoldChase’s expertise focuses on advertising for emerging brands. In a world where anyone – large or small – can now compete in ecommerce marketing, Chase works hard with digital shelf market share analytics and digs deep into organic and paid relationships.



Ashley Oliver – Marketing Analyst

Ashley OliverAshley’s role focuses on multi-retailer advertising, marketing analytics & optimizations and support for emerging platforms.



Taryn Lininger – Marketing Analyst

Taryn’s role focuses on multi-retailer advertising, marketing analytics & optimizations and support for emerging platforms.