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The customer journey has changed…so should your retail strategy.

The last twenty years have created enormous complexity in retail. Ecommerce and in-store teams have operated in silos, creating multiple shopper interactions from different strategies. OneStone closes the gaps between silos to integrate strategy that reflects a more fluid shopper journey .

87% of shoppers begin their journey online…but not all end there. Logistics, item placement, marketing, advertising tracking, pricing, negotiating create enormous complexity for brands who want to compete broadly. OS creates strategic product availability, visibility and analysis to win wherever your shoppers are.


Retail Strategy

Channel pricing strategy

Physical and digital shelf assortment

Retailer negotiations and planning

and more

Back-end Setup

Operational Excellence - Ensuring products enter and leave warehouses according to retailer requirements in effort to prevent costly chargebacks.


Information Systems - Responsive information systems which store and execute live and accurate item information, ensuring on-platform visibility.

Front-end Presentation

Increased Search Rank: SEO-optimized product listings to elevate organic searchability on the digital shelf. If they can't find it, they can't buy it.


Best In Class Brand Representation: Strategically beautiful visuals to tell the story of your products to the people who need them.


Broad Visibility: Extensive Retail Media Coverage – Multi-platform advertising and social commerce deployment to efficiently drive consumers down the funnel.


Customized dashboards containing multi-retailer sales analysis, shopper behavior, keyword efficacy, forecasting, category data, and more.

Retail is complicated.
Let OneStone simplify the journey for you and your shoppers.

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