• Date

    April 8th, 2021

  • Author

    Jacob Snelson

  • Post Type

    Blog Post

OneStone announces OneStone Media Group for multi-retailer media management

As you know, there has been a drastic shift in consumer behavior over the last year. Omnichannel became a way of life, with consumers starting in one place and ending in another. The first and most important part of the omni-path is your digital shelf.

We are seeing an unprecedented level of sales start digitally on .coms or apps, and we must make sure we are creating visibility across your digital shelf. The OneStone marketing team has quietly built a multi-retailer model to ensure we create profitable visibility when a consumer searches for your item, your brand, or within your category. If you are not paying to show up, your competition is.

Omnichannel is also multi-retailer. Consumers will search your brand across the retailers that are best for them on price, shipping times, and even proximity of store pick up to what fits their day and lifestyle.

In this evolved retail landscape, we should not view your advertising dollars solely in a single retailer channel, but for utilizing the channel that is most convenient for the consumer and what is most profitable for you. OneStone’s competitive advantage is our ability to fluidly manage brands’ dollars across top retailers, optimizing to the retailer with the best return on your investment. This tears down walls of traditional shopper marketing mindsets which silo spends by retailer. Our experts manage ad buys across retailers and advertising types to achieve holistic success no matter where the consumer makes the final purchase. This is true omnichannel marketing optimization.

OneStone has deepened our partnership with leading ad tech technology partner, Pacvue, and is an approved preferred managed service agency. With the Pacvue partnership, as well as direct access to other retailers, OneStone has access to purchase sponsored units on retailers’ digital shelf across Amazon, Walmart.com, Target.com, Instacart, CVS.com, Meijer.com, Shipt, TheHomeDepot.com, with more retailers coming soon. We also are managing and buying Amazon’s powerful DSP inventory across the entire web.  Our in-house ad buyers will optimize your ad spend to the retailer delivering the highest return on your investment.

OneStone is excited to announce OneStone Media Group. Retail Media has become critical to finding and serving your customers and we are poised to deliver across channels. Multi-retailer media is now handled under one roof, and all it takes is OneStone.

Jacob Snelson

Vice President of Marketing, OneStone