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We help brands who need clarity on channel viability, size of prize, and how to move to the next level.

Start here.

You’re ready to consider broader retail options if you have these in place:

  • A trademarked product line

  • An established brand identity

  • A sustainable DTC site

  • Scalable supply chain

Viability of concept.

We’ll help you discover whether your brand has potential on:


  • Walmart

  • Amazon

  • Target

  • Home Depot

  • Lowe's

  • Chewy

  • Or others

Size of prize.

If it has legs to run, we’ll predict the potential upside and identify possible risks to your current business (with solution-focused strategies attached).

As we conclude.

We answer these questions and more, providing a thorough roadmap to retail readiness.

  • Assortment strategy

  • Pricing strategy

  • Content requirements (baseline vs. best in class)

  • 3PL strategy & recommendations


Moving from Walmart private label to branded on Amazon

See how OneStone Consulting Group helped one manufacturer to sell as an independent brand on Amazon

3PL Connections

Brand and value identity

Assortment Strategy

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