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Amazon Advertising Audits from OneStone Media Group

As you plan for 2023, do you feel good about your Amazon ad health? We've seen how quick Amazon advertising evolves. New customers enter and search for product differently, new competitors begin bidding and spending, and new ad types and targeting prospects become available. It’s important to scrub campaigns, leverage new opportunities, and stay lockstep with your customer.

Introducing Amazon Advertising Audits by OneStone Media Group - a powerful evaluation tool that gives you valuable insights to begin improving your Amazon campaigns. We analyze everything from keywording to campaign structure. OMG’s Advertising Audits are a thorough process of campaign analyzation and building the most efficient, effective campaigns based on your brand’s goals. We create data-backed strategy and campaign structure pulled from search terms, keywords, and ad performance, along with category and competitor data through our ad tech partnerships.

Metrics included in the Amazon Advertising Audit:

  • Campaign Structure

  • Keyword Harvesting and Selection

  • SEO best practices

  • Negative Keyword usage

  • Bidding effectiveness

  • Competitor analysis

  • Ad type and placement recommendations

  • Product targeting recommendations

  • Creative recommendations based on category, targeting, and ad types

How critical is it to perform Amazon audits?

Take a look at this example from 2021 and 2022. In 2021, "Mosquito Repellent" auto-filled in the #1 position, however, in 2022 the first position changed to "Mosquito Repellent Outdoor". One simple word change can mean all the difference in search.

Talk with our hands-on audit specialist, Cole Walker, and start the year with fresh Amazon search campaigns. Cole is an expert in keywording, targeting, and campaign structure. Run Amazon advertising with confidence after being handed custom campaigns created for you based on your goals. We are offering one time audit and campaign clean up.

Message us to get started!

OneStone is a verified Amazon advertising partner.

*Post cover image: Pavlo Gonchar | LightRocket via Getty Images

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