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Amazon unBoxed highlights the success of OneStone, Essentia, and Pacvue during Day 1 keynote

Advertising leaders and industry experts gathered at unBoxed 2022 to see Amazon Ads' latest products. During the Day 1 keynote, Director, AMC and Ad Tech Solutions, Keerat Sharma, highlighted the work of OneStone, Essentia, and Pacvue to the audience.

Sharma tells the audience, "Let's take a look at a particularly transformative example. Essentia sells bottle water and works with the ad tech agency OneStone. They partnered with Pacvue's BI solution that uses AMC for insights on media mix, path to conversion, and affinity audiences. These learnings helped inform strategy for the brand's ad spend on Amazon. Results: in less than one year, Essentia's on-Amazon customer based doubled with a 69% increase on ad spend."

AMC has transformed how OneStone looks beyond a click to purchase ads, understand the consumer journey and serve them with a tailored ad experience.

The additional insights have helped us build trust with a consumer on their path to purchase, and our partners trust that we invest in the right areas.

Thank you to our partners at Pacvue and Essentia for these outstanding results and recognition.

View the clip below:

Watch the full unBoxed 2022 Day 1 key note HERE.

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