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The Power of One: Unleashing the Potential of OneStone Media Group in the One Walmart vision

In the fast-paced retail industry, Walmart has recognized the need for a holistic and connected approach to drive growth and streamline operations. The "One Walmart" philosophy is ushering in a new era of collaboration, breaking down silos between Walmart stores,, creative agencies, ad agencies, and data collection agencies. This shift emphasizes the importance of working together seamlessly to achieve shared goals.

OneStone Media Group, stands ready to support this philosophy by offering a comprehensive suite of services that integrate creative, advertising, and data reporting to propel brands forward. Let's explore how OneStone aligns with the One Walmart vision and the benefits it provides to suppliers.

OneStone Media Group distinguishes itself by providing a unique combination of three essential components: PDP creative, ads, and data reporting. While other agencies typically focus on only two of these elements, OneStone recognizes the need for all three to work in harmony to maximize success. By leveraging the expertise of a full creative team, an in-house Walmart advertising buying team supported by leading ad tech, and a dedicated data aggregation team, suppliers gain a comprehensive marketing solution tailored to meet the demands of the One Walmart philosophy.

  1. Product Page Optimization: To thrive in the competitive Walmart ecosystem, suppliers must optimize their product pages (PDPs) to enhance visibility and conversion rates. OneStone offers a range of services to achieve this, including high-value SEO, informative writing, stunning imagery, and engaging videos. By aligning PDPs with content requirements and data-backed insights, OneStone ensures attention-grabbing, informative, and visually appealing PDPs that resonate with customers.

  2. Walmart Connect Navigation: The Walmart Connect platform plays a crucial role in driving traffic and creating a cohesive customer experience. With expertise in media planning and ad buying, OneStone helps suppliers establish always-on advertising connections that drive traffic to product pages. By strategically placing ads and leveraging data-driven insights, brands can increase visibility, generate brand awareness, and ultimately enhance conversion rates.

  3. Walmart Merchant Satisfaction: Merchants play a pivotal role in the success of brands on Walmart's platform. OneStone recognizes the need for actionable data and persuasive storytelling to satisfy merchant requirements. Leveraging API partner integrations, OneStone assists suppliers in aggregating data and delivering compelling narratives that showcase brand value, positioning, and sales growth. By aligning brand messaging with merchant expectations, OneStone helps establish strong and mutually beneficial relationships between suppliers and merchants. Great PDPs not only benefit brands but also support the merchant's success. OneStone understands the importance of merchant relationships and the impact of high-quality content scores. By delivering exceptional PDPs, OneStone helps both brands and merchants shine, fostering a symbiotic relationship that drives mutual success.

  4. Product Detail Page Images: In a visually-driven retail landscape, it's crucial to satisfy shoppers by presenting products in an enticing and informative manner. OneStone's creative team excels in building image carousels and videos that provide shoppers with the critical decision-making information they need. By ensuring complete and trustworthy content, OneStone minimizes bounce rates, builds trust with shoppers, and increases the likelihood of conversion.

  5. Walmart Connect & Advertising Opportunities: To enhance brand visibility and reach, OneStone partners with suppliers to leverage Walmart Connect and its advertising solutions. From sponsored brand advertisements to sponsored products, OneStone helps brands effectively target consumers at the right time and place. Through Walmart Connect Managed Advertising, brands can tap into Walmart's purchasing and behavioral audience, using various channels such as display, social media platforms, homepage placements, and in-store video campaigns.

With the rise of the "One Walmart" philosophy, collaboration and integration across Walmart's various business functions and agencies are essential for success. OneStone Media Group stands out as a comprehensive solution that aligns perfectly with this vision. By integrating PDP creative, ads, and data reporting, OneStone empowers suppliers to thrive within the Walmart ecosystem. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, the unified approach offered by OneStone will be key to maximizing brand visibility, enhancing conversions, and fostering strong relationships with merchants.

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