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Variant advertising now available on

Last week, Walmart Connect announced a long awaited feature - variant bidding. According to Walmart's post, "With this launch, you can advertise any item within your catalog beyond the primary variant, including size and color variations, to help increase discoverability and sales." Now brands can own multiple sponsored products without the maintenance of every size/flavor/color variation as its own PDP.

"Walmart Connect is slowly but surely making changes to its ad platform that rival Amazon," says OneStone Sr. Director of Advertising, Anna Bever.

"It's a big day for brands and advertisers on Walmart, who could only advertiser their base items up until this point," added Advertising Lead, Tony Hall.

Walmart Connect additionally explains the benefits of this capability:

  • Increase awareness, discoverability, and interest by expanding your catalog of promoted items to appear in more search results and get a larger variety of products noticed by new and existing customers

  • Diversify and help grow revenue by increasing visibility of more items to identify high-performing variants that previously have been difficult for customers to discover

  • Support multiple goals, whether your objective is to promote best-selling items, bring awareness to a new variant item, or drive a seasonal moment

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