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Data driven design

Data isn’t static. Visibility to inventory positions, pricing, profitability, and lost buy box are critical to ecommerce and need to be constantly monitored and analyzed. OneStone’s data-driven design embraces nimble cycles of testing and optimization, drives superior consumer experiences, and maximizes business performance. Our insights team manages and consolidates the data from multiple platforms, and shares the insights in a custom dashboard for each of our clients.

A Comprehensive View

A Comprehensive View

Our custom suite of technology tools bring together sales, inventory, marketing, content and other data sources across all platforms to deliver the data you need to make the right decision.

Services - Insights & Analytics

Dashboards for Easy Decision Making

The right data at the right time is critical in identifying insights and growth opportunities. Our user-friendly dashboard simplifies data, fueling faster and more confident decision-making with just a few clicks.

Feedback Loops to Keep Things Running

Feedback Loops to Keep Things Running

Our insights team analyzes data and then feeds that information to the content, marketing, sales, and operations teams to help inform their choices. That activity drives new data to the insights team and the cycle begins again.

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