• Date

    June 21st, 2021

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    OneStone Communications

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    Blog Post

The backbone of multichannel success – OneStone and Plytix

Read about how our partnership with Plytix has up’d our content game.

OneStone has helped many brands overcome the challenge of data chaos. Having navigated the struggles of decentralized content, we’ve found a feasible solution: Plytix, a central place to store aggregated, optimized content for multiple channels.

The crux of the matter

Rich product data is one of those things that every brand needs but struggles to get right—particularly store owners with a mentality anchored in traditional brick-and-mortar.

Any brand can develop good content, but good doesn’t get you a 70% increase in organic rank on relevant keywords—OneStone does. Our unique model has delivered a growth rate of 50% year-over-year (YOY) for many of our clients. It saved them thousands on inaccurate product data and led them to strategic growth.

OneStone focuses heavily on viewing through the lens of conversion

For example, how does content, supply chain, advertising, etc., affect and increase conversion? A fundamental building block of this is clean, accurate, accessible product data. It’s the mast to a ship, the wheels to a bike—a piece of ecommerce that cannot be ignored and often cripples brands trying to scale. In order to lead their clients to success, we’ve leaned on a cutting-edge tool to add further value.

A match made in heaven

In 2019, OneStone partnered with Plytix to unify the data process. We paired our deep understanding of multiple channels with Plytix’s PIM system to store and scale content fast. Their PIM has brought our marketing, sales, supply chain, and even finance together in a way that an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system could never dream of. It provides the team with a structured platform to publish client content everywhere at the click of a button. It’s opened us up to internal efficiencies that drive speed and accuracy on projects. This, in turn, gets our clients’ content to market faster and enables them to gain more sales.

Speed and accuracy wrapped up in one

Clients will often approach OneStone for professional help. There are a million things to juggle in ecommerce, and pools of bad data only stand to sink brands trying to swim. When OneStone steps in, you get “organization” in weeks instead of months.

Starting with a classic data dump, we will jump in and begin checking, cleansing, and creating content for a specific client. With expertise in 13-categories, including home improvement, garden, toys, sporting goods, pharmacy, office, and grocery, we delegate specialist writers to the relevant industry. From the start to the end of a project, it typically takes six weeks with Plytix, depending on the size of the product list. Plytix saves us around 10-hours per week in item information lookup whereas before, it would take 2-3 times longer.

Content with a competitive advantage

OneStone undergoes a tedious process to get our clients’ content to the selling point. Each piece of marketing material is carefully planned and created. From written copy to photos, rich media, and enhanced content, OneStone’s team of strategists ensures every piece of content is of consumer-facing quality. It’s created to perfectly align with your brand voice, optimized with SEO keywords for retailer specific algorithms, and designed for conversions.

By using a proven recipe for success, we’ve managed to help five of our 35 clients rank #1 in their subcategory and an additional 12 rank in the top #10 in their subcategory. All of this, just by leveraging structured, optimized data to appear as a trustworthy source in organic results.

From spreadsheet chaos to Plytix

OneStone has gained time and flexibility by using Plytix’s central source of truth. Their tool is specifically designed to flex with clients’ needs, making it even more convenient to find, edit and share content between teams. Although OneStone’s clients aren’t actively using the tool themselves, each client leverages Plytix features differently. It’s become a quick and dynamic way to store approved data and showcase visual progress in Brand Portals.

Organizational efficiency and success

Just by implementing Plytix, OneStone’s completeness of data has gone from an overall of 51% to 88% over the course of our relationship. Not only is this a centralized storage location, but it’s a set of eyes that minimize inconsistencies and maximizes performance. You can up your content game in weeks and turn bad data into sellable content fit for multiple channels.


Reposted with permission from our friends at Plytix – with minor edits to pronouns.