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The Rise to #1 Market Share in Mosquito Repellent Category

Retailer: Amazon

Categories: Mosquito Repellent Device, Patio, Lawn & Garden / Sports & Outdoors

The Situation

For over 20 years, Thermacell has had one mission: to liberate outdoor lovers from the nuisance of insects. The problem: insect repellent is a highly competitive, low-priced category with multiple verticals (sprays, lotions, candles, wearables, sonic repellers), all competing for the same customer. The objective of our partnership: to position Thermacell's premium product as the leader in the insect repellent category on Amazon.


SEO-optimized content buildout, search and display advertising

Thermacell Product Review.png

OneStone Difference Makers

Content:  In order to lay the foundation and gain trust as a premium product, we built out educational and eye-catching content.  Strategically ordered, informative image carousels grabbed shopper attention at the top of the page. SEO-enriched, reader-friendly copy made Thermacell searchable and informative to product researchers. Engaging A+ and easy-to-navigate brand store pages added another level of brand legitimacy, along with categorical relevance.


With our deep knowledge of Amazon advertising, we managed Thermacell’s comprehensive search and display advertising execution, driving category visibility and acquiring new-to-brand shoppers. With continuous monitoring of ad and keyword strategies, we quickly adapted to consumer behavior and changes in search algorithms, driving sales where people were searching.

The Results

Our partnership with Thermacell has led to a 7.5x revenue  growth in 4 years, #1 Best Seller Rank across 3 sub-categories, and is now the #1 market share in the mosquito repellent category.


#1 Market Share in Mosquito Repellent Category

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