• Date

    May 24th, 2021

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    OneStone Communications

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    Blog Post

Visibility, profitability, and predictability: the 3 measurements of successful advertising

In the early days of ecommerce, sponsored advertising was an afterthought in retail media. Search algorithms were driven heavily by SEO, inventory, or custom curation from the retailer. Fast forward to today, more and more sponsored units appear on a retailer’s site. It is truly a pay-to-play platform. We are at a point were nearly above the fold is a sponsored unit. In fact, a recent report from Profitero shows that private label brands have increasingly taken up space on the first page and top five slots in search results.

According to the report, Target has the highest share of private labels in page one search results, with Walmart and Amazon holding less share. Target’s private label food and beverage products occupy close to a third (27%) of organic and paid page one search results, while that number changes to 21% for cleaning supplies, and 17% for health and beauty.

The competition is intensifying between private label and national brands online. SEO is still a major driving factor in visibility but it’s now a game of how much you’re willing to spend to appear in a search result that gives you prime real estate. This shift can be daunting for smaller brands who believe they need big advertising budgets to play, however we at OneStone disagree with the belief that bigger budgets equal better results. “We do not have minimums,” says VP of Marketing Jacob Snelson. “It’s one of my many favorite things to tell potential clients when it comes to retail advertising. Minimums have plagued the industry for far too long and have created an uneven playing field in search results across some of the biggest retailers.” Our internal advertising agency, OneStone Media Group was created with all suppliers in mind. We are a Retail Insights Marketing Agency that is rooted in sales, direct click attribution ads, and using insights and data to drive advertising strategies on top ecommerce retailer sites and apps.

The best way to tell if your advertising is successful can be summed up in the 3 benefits we provide for our clients:

  • Visibility – Retailer.com and Shopping apps are search engines. OMG creates lower funnel product visibility on high intent shopping experiences.
  • Profitability – It’s simple: Did you make money? OneStone assures that your investment in sponsored ad units yields a return. All ads are tied directly to sales.
  • Predictability – We understand your goals and couple it with real retailer POS & Consumer data to determine what investments will yield and where we should invest.

The media world is broken. It’s fragmented into branded awareness, customer acquisition, and conversion media campaigns that do not speak to each other, each operating in its own silo. OMG puts the consumer and the brand first by creating visibility in one voice to the consumer wherever they are and convert on the highest profitable retailer tied directly to sales. OneStone Media Group has direct partnerships with top retailers, DSP trading desks, and advertising technology on your behalf to make on platform ad buying simplified for you.

Retailer media search ads are still binary keyword based. In the future, advertisers and retailers will continue to shape the experience for the individual consumer. Much like Walmart, OPD serves a unit that you have “previously purchased”, algorithms and search marketers will start adding in consumer behavior + keyword for a more narrow targeted approach. Each consumer who searches on Walmart.com or Amazon.com will be served an ad based on their keyword search but they will see a specific curated set of items they are more likely to buy of sponsored ads based on their purchase behavior or demographic. Targeting is now intent + behavior based.

OneStone’s average client sees an average of 3x’s their budget after 1 month of testing. OMG works directly with your upper funnel marketing agencies on behalf of the consumer and the brand to create a seamless experience for the consumer and to convert to a sale. Let us prove our value and not at the expense of your bottom line or your time.