• Date

    August 18th, 2021

  • Author

    OneStone Communications

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    Blog Post

Walmart’s site upgrade – what you need to do with content

Has your team experienced rich media (videos, 360 images, enhanced content) not sticking on Walmart-dot-com? Word is, that’s likely to continue over the next four months – at least – due to Walmart’s site upgrade. Regardless of whether you use a CCP or tackle Item 360 on your own, you’re bound to run into the same brick wall. So now what? I think it’s time to go back to the basics in these four ways:

IMAGES: Make sure your carousels shine with 8 high-quality, informative images. Do you want shoppers to know why your product is better? SHOW and TELL THEM in your imagery. Ensure your hero images are on point. Include lifestyles look relatable and infographics detailing the unique selling props of your items. Make that first impression COUNT!

ATTRIBUTES: Fill in those pesky back-end attributes. Tedious? Heck yes. Crucial to getting your item labeled correctly and in the right searches? Also yes. Walmart’s SEO algorithm may be improving, but for now they’re relying heavily on attributes – some of which show up with complimentary icons ON YOUR PDPs. Take the time to make sure yours are complete and correct.

COPY: If shoppers are still on the fence about your product, make sure you get them to the finish line with outstanding copy. Remind them of the features you pointed out in the carousel infographic(s). Tell them about the spirit of your company and why you pour your hearts and souls into making your products better every day. And pack that story full of valuable, smoothly incorporated SEO (avoid clunky phrasing that will degrade the trust you’ve worked so hard to build).

STYLE GUIDE: None of this work matters if your items aren’t up to snuff in the eyes of the Content Acquisition Team. Make sure your products remain live by sticking to the specs of your category’s style guide.

There’s work to be done – let’s get started! – Heather Paul, Director of Content