• Date

    March 19th, 2021

  • Author

    Jacob Snelson

  • Post Type

    Blog Post

Why brands need to look at ad dollars as a fluid budget no matter the retailer

It’s all too easy to approach your marketing strategy by thinking about each retailer and asking “What is our Amazon strategy? What is our Walmart strategy?” This is how we’ve been wired to look at our business for decades, but as the lines blur between when and where consumers can shop, so must our approach. What if you looked at your ad dollars as a fluid budget to optimize to the highest return on your investment, no matter the retailer? This is exactly what OneStone Media Group was designed to do. OneStone Media Group takes a unified retail media approach, optimizing and strategizing to the retailer that is most profitable for you. “Consumers are tearing down the walls of traditional shopper marketing and shopping at the most convenient retailer for them,” say Jacob Snelson, VP of Marketing, “your brand and the consumer should be the forefront of your marketing budget and strategy, not just the retail channel in a silo.”

Not only is having static retailer-specific marketing strategy out-dated, it’s also a costly one. As this past year has taught us, shift in businesses at each retailer can impact where the consumers are shopping. If you’re set in setting aside X amount of dollars for one retailer and another retailer’s return on ad spend is decreasing (or increase), you run the risk of losing out on critical ad opportunities and ultimately, sales.

Why is this important?

– More profitable for your brand
– Move budget to where the consumers are
– Supply chain and logistical issues in a retailer won’t hinder your ad investment
– Take advantage of up and coming retailers or apps that have little competition

Choose the best team in ecommerce to manage your marketing strategy at multiple retailers. We are the first step in omnichannel retail by establishing and making your digital shelf visible. Send Jacob a message to learn more about how OneStone Media Group can make your ad dollars work smarter for you.