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Securing #1 Best Seller in Mineral Water

Retailer: Amazon

Category: Food & Beverage

The Situation

Essentia Water is a purpose-driven company with the mission to improve lives through Essentia Hydration. An all-too-common problem, Essentia wanted to captivate a saturated and competitive category: bottled water. As an added complexity, Essentia wanted to grow their market share on Amazon without taking away from sales elsewhere.

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Market analysis, new item launch, marketing strategy and deployment plan, Amazon operations

OneStone Difference Makers

Market Analysis: Due to competitive pricing issues driving down overall catalog profitability, OneStone saw a need for in-depth market analysis. We created a solid, data-driven strategy to confidently launch the new SKU from the building blocks of pallet configuration to the finishing touches of advertising.


A bold launch requires a bold marketing plan. OneStone Media Group created informative & SEO enriched PDP content and then used DSP and search tactics to drive awareness, search and purchase. With a single media team controlling all storytelling and voice across all purchase experiences, demand skyrocketed.


The small details matter. While not as flashy as A+ content or advertising plans, Amazon item compliance, item load, supply chain management, pallet configuration, and margin protection all add to category profitability. Our full-service team continues to support Essentia with every step along the way.


The Results

Our partnership with Essentia Water created the #1 best seller SKU in mineral water. Essentia’s catalog profitability has increased 20% year-over-year with an overall year-over-year sales increase of 28%.


“OneStone’s Margin Protection team has recovered over six figures annually. They are true business partners and an extension of our selling organization.” 

- Kent Pilkowski, VP Sales, Essentia

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