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High-performing ads & mouthwatering creative under one roof.

OneStone Media Group drives demand.

Drive Conversion with Consistency 

Shoppers are retail agnostic. More than ever, shoppers abandon their plans, changing brands and retailers based on better deals, more convenient shipping, and clear product deliverables. In the journey from D2C to social posts and retail platforms, brands often lose their way…and their voice. Powerful imagery is omitted, valuable copy is sacrificed for SEO stuffing, and the shopper begins to wonder, "IS this the product for me?"


In partnership with OMG, you can feel confident in a consistent strategy that unites brand voice across all platforms and ads, generating demand from first awareness, to conversion, to sustained loyalty.


Action-driving Creative Services

PDP content is where art meets science. Our team of experts and artists come together to provide:

SEO research & strategy

Platform-optimized copy (titles, bullets, descriptions, etc.)

Best-in-class carousel strategy




A+ Designs

Brand Store builds

360° Imagery

3D Product Renderings

Optimized Ad Budgets. Cross-Retailer Plans

Advertisers are not optimizing spend across platforms. Retailer-dedicated ad teams often work in silos, getting stuck throwing large budgets into strategies that aren't working without the flexibility to pivot. Budgets should be able to flex with shopper behavior; as traffic migrates to different retailers, spend should shift accordingly.


OMG puts the BRAND first. We create visibility in one voice to the consumer wherever they are, adjusting for the best return. We are flexible and nimble, able to reallocate budget where it optimizes results the most. All ad spend in one house, with one data source for all, one dashboard, and one high-touch team.

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Multi-platform Advantage

A one-stop shop to build, manage, deliver ads across every platform

Best in class advertising tech utilization
Dynamic budget allocation
40+ retailer advertising expertise
PPC + DSP + Social
Custom multi-retailer dashboards

An integrated team of cross-platform strategists, keeping you up to date on opportunities and performance

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