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All your Amazon data in one place.

Welcome to Satellite from OneStone, your gateway to unlocking essential metrics for driving profitable sales on Amazon. Gain instant access to vital KPIs, including profitability, inventory, and advertising, all just a click away! Launch your success with data-driven insights like never before!

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Powered by Amazon's Selling Partner API

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One dashboard for everything.

No more one-off reports, inaccurate reporting, and unclear decisions.

Save Time

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data collection, analysis, and inventory reports! With Satellite's  automated reporting, you can reclaim valuable time and direct your focus towards more crucial tasks.


Ensure the profitability of your Amazon channel strategy, or effortlessly delve into product-level profitability at a moment's notice.


Get real-time access of ad performance and never waste an advertising dollar again!

Customer Journeys

With powerful insights like repeat purchase reporting and ratings and reviews, know the value of your customers.

Subscribe & Save Data

OneStone is the first agency to integrate Subscribe & Save data. Better plan your inventory with reporting on Amazon's Subscribe & Save forecasting based on existing subscriptions and sales history. 


Satellite gives you easy access to top Amazon seller reports

The Amazon Selling Partner App allows brands to access brand data through Amazon’s API, providing direct access from the source. This app offers more accurate data, frequent updates, as well as the ability to store brand-specific reports.

  • Vendor Sales

  • Vendor Inventory

  • Vendor Catalog Data

  • Vendor Traffic Report

  • Vendor Subscribe and Save Data

  • Vendor Basket Analysis

  • Vendor PPM Report

  • Vendor Review and Rating Data

  • Seller Fee Preview Report

  • Seller All Orders Report

  • Seller Returns Report

  • Seller Subscribe and Save data

  • Seller Traffic Report

  • Seller Ratings and Reviews

  • Seller Restock Report

  • Seller Inventory Ledger

  • + many more!

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Meet Satellite

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Inventory Management

Unlock Satellite's powerful reporting to optimize your inventory, steering clear of both overstocking and out of stocks. 

Accurate inventory

Ship quantity recommendations

Inventory & Advertising integrations

Sales & Advertising Data

Discover the power of having your entire Amazon ecosystem at your fingertips, with all the crucial metrics displayed in one convenient place. Experience the ease of daily updates, ensuring the data you receive is always accurate and complete. 

Better advertising efficiency

Better ad performance tracking

Total data integration

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Intuitive storytelling for your brand's strategy

Drillable, item level, daily level reporting and thoughtfully designed to inform intuitive strategic decisions at a glance.

Many brands are using Satellite from OneStone to save time and grow profitability on Amazon. 

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