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The Walmart Connect

Walmart stores,, creative agencies and ad agencies, and data collection agencies have lived separately for too long, resulting in fragmented workflow and slow progress. It's no longer okay for one side of the business to remain unaware of what the other is doing or how they play together. Walmart is pushing for a new "One Walmart" philosophy centered around streamlined simplicity, and is calling all areas to work together. They will be looking to suppliers that value the same connected approach.

OneStone Media Group is built with connection in mind, ready to provide the holistic marketing picture necessary to thrive with the One Walmart philosophy. We work across three well-supported legs of PDP creative, ads, and data reporting. Even the most competent agencies stand on only two legs, leaving them unsteady. At OneStone Media Group, all three faculties work together to propel our brands forward.

One Walmart Chart

How OMG Aligns with One Walmart

With OneStone Media Group, suppliers get a full creative team, a full in-house Walmart advertising buyers supported by leading ad tech, and a full team of data aggregators driving insights back to the Walmart Connect and Merchant teams.


Product Page Optimization

High value SEO, informative writing, stunning imagery, videos, and more

Attention-grabbing data-backed and informative PDPs aligned with content requirements to drive visibility and conversion.


Walmart Connect Navigation

Media planning and ad buying

Always-on advertising connections your traffic - driving placements to the product page, creating a cohesive customer experience.

Walmart Merchant Satisfaction

actionable data and persuasive storytelling using API partner integrations

Walmart lacks the internal resources for data and storytelling. The Merchant relies on API partners and teams to aggregate data for story telling and actionable insights to grow your sales and positioning on page and in store. Much like OMG helps you present your brand to the consumer, we help you present yourself to the merchant.

Citrus Fruits

Traditionally, these 3 functions are supported by 3 different agency partners to achieve results.

In the new world of One Walmart, it only takes OneStone.

PDP Retail Ready

Satisfy the algorithm -
to be purchased, one must first be found

Walmart Seach Field

We sift through thousands of keywords to select those that are the highest in search volume for our category and highest relevance for our product type. Keyword inclusion opportunities at Walmart are limited, making it even more important to make critical decisions on what to include seamlessly into the consumer-facing content.

The search algorithm completes listings - those which meet image and copy requirements and have a bank of favorable reviews. The OneStone creative team builds out complete PDPs, meeting all the requirements but also much more...

Bare Bones Product Detail Page images

Satisfy the shopper - shoppers will value a brand that values itself

Make it easy - It takes seconds for a shopper to know whether a product is relevant to their needs, and most shoppers are visual learners. OneStone's creative team builds image carousels and videos that provide the most important decision-making information from the jump... in a mouthwatering way.

Make it complete - if a shopper reaches the bottom of a PDP with lingering questions, the page has failed. We work with brands to ensure shoppers have the necessary knowledge to make an informed purchase, minimizing PDP bailouts.

Make it trustworthy - Shoppers are perceptive. Brands that sloppily generate copy to merely meet requirements, keyword stuff to beat the algorithm, or neglect to maintain branding consistency across platforms will be snuffed out. Shoppers need to feel that they can trust what they are purchasing and who they are purchasing from. OneStone builds content that smoothly combines information and SEO in a way that professionally and consistently represents the brand wherever it is shopped.

Satisfy the merchant

At Walmart, merchant relationships are everything. Merchants stay close to .com content scores as a measure of their success. Great PDPs support this symbiotic relationship, making our brands AND their merchants look good.

With OneStone Media Group, suppliers get a full creative team of SEO analysts, creative writers, photographers, videographers and graphic designers

Walmart Connect & Advertising

Through Walmart Connect, brands can make their products visible to consumers at the right place and the right time, hitting the goals of the merchant and category.

Walmart Search for toothpaste
DSS (Display Self Serve)
Sponsored Brand

This ad product is in its infancy, but it does allow brands to test this type of advertising at low minimums and target audiences.

Increase brand awareness by showcasing current or new assortments, or increase visibility on low search volume products.

Sponsored Products

The foundation of search advertising. Drives conversion and share of shelf. 

WalmartConnect Logo
Walmart Connect Managed Advertising

OneStone partners with brands to connect with, take advantage of, and negotiate media plans on Walmart Connect.

  • Display - Use Walmart's purchasing and behavioral audience to target specific customers - on or off​​

  • Social - Utilize Walmart's social platforms such as FB, IG, Pinterest, and TikTok to reach large audiences with a single post.

  • Homepage Lockout - Own a top of page ad placement on's homepage for 24 hours.

  • Gallery Takeover - In a one-day takeover, own 3 placements on the homepage.

  • In-Store - Video campaigns for TV Display Wall and Self-Checkout Screens.

Walmart’s US net ad revenues will nearly triple between 2021 and 2024 to $4.52 billion, accounting for 8.2% share of US retail media digital ad spending.

Source: eMarketer Insider Intelligence, 11/22/22

Data & Storytelling for Merchants

OneStone uses API partners to aggregate data to help understand a fragmented landscape of Walmart tools. Data obtained through advertising investment is a rich resource for brands and their teams. In addition, Walmart advertising data can be supplied back to Walmart Connect and merchant teams to tell the story of your total Walmart business.

Walmart Advertising Chart
Walmart Advertising Chart

Use Case: For an upcoming line review you are armed with data showing that despite being #3 in paid share of voice, having best in class PDPs, and meeting forecasted sales, Walmart is not positioning your product in the top 6 organic placements. This insight from OneStone equips you with tangible data points to not only show that you are a top Walmart Connect investor in the category, but also to request advantages like organic pinning.

Create a more connected media approach with OneStone today!

OneStone Media Group Team
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