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Start Selling on Amazon

Amazon has over 300 million active customer accounts worldwide, and customers buy roughly 7,400 products per minute from U.S. sellers.

Build, grow, and scale your brand on Amazon with world-class logistics, a proven customer experience, rich data insights, and cutting-edge advertising & marketing solutions. 

  • Recent research shows that over half of the sellers in the Amazon store that sell multi-channel prefer Amazon for customer acquisition.

  • In recent research, nearly 60% of the sellers in the Amazon store that sell multi-channel cited Amazon as their fastest-growing channel.

  • Sellers have the opportunity to reach millions of customers in over 180 countries as an Amazon selling partner.

Don't have an Amazon Seller account? Register on Seller Central.

New sellers who sign up through this page receive the unique benefit of  a dedicated team at Amazon that will support onboarding.

Tools for Amazon Sellers.
One dashboard for everything.

With Satellite from OneStone, sellers have a gateway to unlocking essential metrics for driving profitable sales on Amazon. Gain instant access to vital KPIs, including profitability, inventory, and advertising, all just a click away! 

No more one-off reports, inaccurate reporting, and unclear decisions.

Save Time

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data collection, analysis, and inventory reports! With Satellite's  automated reporting, you can reclaim valuable time and direct your focus towards more crucial tasks.


Ensure the profitability of your Amazon channel strategy, or effortlessly delve into product-level profitability at a moment's notice.


Get real-time access of ad performance and never waste an advertising dollar again!

Customer Journeys

With powerful insights like repeat purchase reporting and ratings and reviews, know the value of your customers.

Subscribe & Save Data

OneStone is the first agency to integrate Subscribe & Save data. Better plan your inventory with reporting on Amazon's Subscribe & Save forecasting based on existing subscriptions and sales history. 

What you'll need to get started:

Register on Amazon

To get started as an Amazon seller, begin by choosing a selling plan REGISTER HERE and setting up an Amazon selling account. 

In order to complete your registration, make sure you have access to:

  • Bank account number and bank routing number

  • Chargeable credit card

  • Government issued national ID

  • Tax information

  • Phone number

Choose a selling plan

With two selling plans, Amazon offers you the flexibility to sell one item or sell thousands. 

  • The Individual plan costs $0.99 per sale.

  • The Professional plan is $39.99 per month, no matter how many items you sell.

Create product listings

To sell a product on Amazon, you must first create a product listing.

  • Sellers using a Professional seller account have the option of listing their products in large batches using bulk uploading or inventory management with third-party systems.

  • Individual sellers list products one at a time.

Don't have an Amazon Seller account? Register on Seller Central.

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Common Amazon Questions

What do I need to start listing products?

In most cases, products must have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), such as a UPC, an ISBN, or an EAN. Amazon uses these product IDs to identify the exact item you’re selling. If you match a listing, you won’t need to provide a product ID since it already exists. If you’re adding a product that’s new to Amazon, you may need to purchase a UPC code or request an exemption.

What makes a great Product Detail Page?

As you’re building your product detail pages, try to think about what will best help customers find your products, discover answers to their questions, and make a purchasing decision. Aim for the ultimate customer experience by making your listings concise, accurate, and easy to understand. OneStone's team of experts and artists come together to provide everything you need to create the perfect PDP.

What are the different fulfillment options?

Amazon sellers have two options for getting shoppers their stuff: You can do it yourself, maintaining your own inventory and shipping products to customers (merchant-fulfillment), or have Amazon take responsibility for packaging, labeling, and shipping products through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Each method has its own set of benefits—you just have to decide which one is right for your business.

What is the perfect launch for my brand?

Speed matters in business. For Amazon sellers, the first 90 days are especially critical for establishing marketing, fulfillment, pricing and other practices to accelerate performance beyond launch. "Perfect Launch" is what Amazon data scientists call the use of five selling programs—Brand Registry, A+ Content, Fulfillment by Amazon, Automated Pricing, and Advertising—within those first 90 days. Full-service clients of OneStone get 100% support on these five, from our stunning creative services to advertising.

Is selling on Amazon profitable?

It's no secret that selling on Amazon is competitive. From logistic support to seasonal strategies, this is where OneStone is here to help.  For example, when it comes to advertising, we create visibility in one voice to the consumer wherever they are, adjusting for the best return. We are flexible and nimble, able to reallocate budget where it optimizes results the most. All ad spend in one house, with one data source for all, one dashboard, and one high-touch team. It's like we always say, "No wasted ad dollars!"

How do I make sense of all the various Amazon reports?

Data-driven decisions are the key to profitability on Amazon, but with so many reports, where do you start? This is why we've designed Satellite on the Amazon Selling Partner App store that allows brands to access brand data through Amazon’s API, providing direct access from the source. This app offers more accurate data, frequent updates, as well as the ability to store brand-specific reports.

Do I need to be a OneStone client to start selling?

No. As much as we love new clients, we know you might not be ready for the support of an agency. However, new sellers who sign up through this page receive the unique benefit  a dedicated team at Amazon that will support onboarding (as opposed to self-service). Sign up here!

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