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Establishing growth in a highly saturated market as a newer brand on Amazon.

Retailer: Amazon

Category: Pet Food

The Situation

Ketona is a newer premium dog food brand who entered a highly saturated, expensive category. The brand saw difficulties scaling spend on keyword-based advertising, ultimately limiting their growth. As a small business, Ketona needed a solution to grow brand awareness with a conservative budget, while also maintaining or improving efficiency.


Brand awareness, conversion, profitable advertising.


OneStone Consulting Difference

To solve the problem of brand awareness for Ketona, we used display tactics through Amazon DSP and Amazon Sponsored Display (SD). This approach was based on the ability to use Amazon audiences to meet customers where they are in their purchase journey rather than relying on a specific search to expose consumers to our brand. This also allowed Ketona to gain visibility on the platform without increasing investment through unprofitable keyword campaigns. Video ads were also implemented through SD which allowed us to educate consumers and increase consideration.

The Results

Display tactics not only increased brand awareness, but improved consideration performance across campaigns. Overall, display and search campaigns drove +127% increase in impressions, +238% increase in clicks, +55% increase in click-through-rate, and -15% in cost-per-click. Search campaigns alone saw an impact from display with +50% impressions, +197% clicks, and +110% click-through-rate.

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