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Amazon Presence: The 90-Day Brand Store Boost

Updated: Jan 11

Imagine boosting your average order value and units per order without increasing your advertising spend – seems like a lofty goal, right? Well, the secret lies in a simple yet powerful strategy: optimize your brand store every 90 days.

Why? Because a dynamic brand store is a magnet for both new and returning customers. Amazon's own data reveals that brand stores updated within the past 90 days experience a 21% surge in repeat visitors and a remarkable 35% increase in attributed sales per visitor. It's the game-changing edge that can transform your Amazon presence.

The Art + Science of Brand Store Optimization

Picture your brand store as a canvas where creative elements blend seamlessly with analytical precision – the timeless fusion of art and science. The goal is to create compelling brand storytelling while ensuring optimal performance. And where does this all begin? Right on your homepage.

Make navigation a breeze and ensure your best sellers take center stage. Easy navigation is key. Consider the case of Thermacell, a brand that nailed it:

  • Striking Brand Story: "Unmosquito your life" takes center stage, resonating with the audience.

  • Interactive Shopping: Quick info allows users to hover and shop best sellers effortlessly.

  • Clear Categorization: Simplified navigation through clear categorization.

  • Irresistible Deal: A compelling "Subscribe and Save" banner beckons customers.

  • Engaging Video: A brand storytelling video highlights niche benefits and customer desires.

Top Reasons to Keep Your Store Fresh

  1. New Releases: Leverage your store space to spotlight new ASINs regularly. New releases deserve dedicated space, driving visibility and supporting product growth.

  2. Seasonality Matters: Adapt to changing seasons and product use cases. Whether it's heaters for winter or fans for summer, tweak your store to reflect seasonal demand.

  3. Tent Pole Events: Take advantage of store versioning and scheduling for unique events. Plan ahead for Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or even a Christmas-themed store.

  4. Content Refresh: As you create new content or rebrand, seamlessly incorporate it into your store. Keep it dynamic and engaging.

Store Optimization: When to Pay Attention

  • Low Daily Traffic: Boost visibility through social media or Sponsored Brands advertisements. Ensure your brand byline links to your store.

  • Good Traffic, Low Sales: Consider additional awareness tactics, especially for high-cost or trust-required products. Opt for video promotions with Sponsored Brands.

  • Good Conversion, Low Traffic on Category Pages: Target specific pages with Sponsored Brands campaigns to capitalize on good conversion rates.

  • Good Traffic, Low Sales on Category Pages: Optimize product displays or consider adding more products to boost sales.

  • No Traffic or Sales on Specific Pages: Increase visibility on your homepage or use Sponsored Brands to drive traffic to specific pages.

Crafting Your Brand Message and Story

  1. Understand Customer Needs: Research demographic trends, online attitudes, and conduct customer interviews.

  2. Create a Compelling Brand Story: Display your brand story prominently on your store. Connect with customers by addressing their needs.

Check out the simple and effective brand store our team did for Whisker, the makers of Litter Robot.

Invest the time, money, and talent into your brand store like you would your website. This is the place where you can make it easy for your customer by creating a space that showcases what they want.

The brand store isn’t the place to throw every item you sell. It’s the place that should be easy to navigate, surprise and delight, and highlight your best sellers.

As we step into 2024, commit to optimizing your brand store every 90 days. And, if you need expert guidance, our teams at OneStone and Bluebird Group are just a click away.

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