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Satellite from OneStone now available on Amazon's Selling Partner Appstore

In the ever-evolving landscape of commerce, staying ahead requires not only determination, but also the right tools and technology. Today, OneStone is thrilled to announce our Amazon integration that will reshape the way businesses thrive on Amazon - the launch of Satellite, now available on Amazon's Selling Partner Appstore. One dashboard for everything - No more one-off reports, inaccurate reporting, and unclear decisions.

Satellite is a powerful tool that starts the path to informed decision-making. Imagine having all your Amazon data at your fingertips, seamlessly integrated from diverse sources, giving you insights that fuel your business strategy. From sales metrics to inventory levels, from repeat purchase behavior to Subscribe & Save data, Satellite unites these fragments into a cohesive narrative, empowering businesses to save time.

Here are some of the key features of Satellite:

  • Save Time: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data collection, analysis, and inventory reports! With Satellite's automated reporting, you can reclaim valuable time and direct your focus towards more crucial tasks.

  • Profitability: Ensure the profitability of your Amazon channel strategy, or effortlessly delve into product-level profitability at a moment's notice.

  • Advertising: Get real-time access of ad performance and never waste an advertising dollar again!

  • Customer Journeys: With powerful insights like repeat purchase reporting and ratings and reviews, know the value of your customers.

  • Subscribe & Save Data: OneStone is the first agency to integrate Subscribe & Save data. Better plan your inventory with reporting on Amazon's Subscribe & Save forecasting based on existing subscriptions and sales history.

Centralization is the key on Satellite's intuitive dashboard. As you delve into the dashboard, you're greeted with views of your Amazon business. Key performance indicators stand out in clarity, revealing the pulse of your business. This holistic perspective is not just information – it's the power to grasp trends, to uncover patterns, and to discern opportunities that might have remained hidden. Satellite's real-time updates ensure that you're never caught off guard and that no opportunity slips through your fingers.

Last month, our team had the opportunity to attend the 2023 Amazon SP-API DevSummit in Seattle to showcase our work into the Selling Partner API. Riley Beirse, our Director of Technology, says, "Our push into the Selling Partner API has been a recent milestone for us as a tech team. Although a major challenge, the results have been nothing but rewarding. We’ve gained major scalability, largely increased capilities, and loads of vision for what we can build in the future. Said another way: we are now using a fire hydrant of Amazon data rather than a rainwater collector."

Ian White, Developer II, represented OneStone during the session: Automating the future of eCommerce: Developer insights panel, by telling the audience of our motivation, experience, and casting vision for the future.

Beirise further explains Satellite's impact for our clients, "Our app's integration with the Selling Partner Appstore offers a seamless experience for businesses that sell on Amazon, enabling them to easily discover and access quality data that help automate, manage, and grow their businesses. By consolidating critical information and offering advanced analytics capabilities, our app empowers sellers to harness the full potential of their Amazon business, driving growth and profitability."

To see a demo of what Satellite can do for your business, visit our Satellite page HERE.

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