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The One Walmart Philosophy: How OneStone is Helping Brands Thrive in a Connected World

It's a battle that every brand knows too well: the fight for better shelf and online placement. For many, this struggle has led to disappointment and frustration. But for those who invest in Walmart Connect, the results can be game-changing.

One brand found themselves in a familiar situation: they were performing well in paid search and had great product detail pages, but their organic placement was lacking. It was time for a line review, and they needed to demonstrate their value as a top Walmart Connect investor. Thankfully, they had OneStone on their side. OneStone uses API partners to gather data and provide a comprehensive view of the Walmart ecosystem. Armed with this data, the brand was able to request advantages like organic pinning and showcase their top Walmart Connect status.

But Walmart Connect is about more than just online placement. It's a tool that can drive sales in-store as well. By providing targeted advertising and sponsored product placements, Walmart Connect can increase product visibility and drive foot traffic to the store. And in a world where in-store sales still account for the majority of retail sales, that's a huge advantage.

Of course, Walmart's ecosystem is complex. Stores,, creative agencies, ad agencies, and data collection agencies have all worked independently for too long. But that's changing. Walmart is pushing for a "One Walmart" philosophy, where all areas work together in a streamlined, simple way. Suppliers who embrace this approach will be the most successful. That's where OneStone comes in. We're built with connection in mind, ready to provide the holistic marketing picture necessary to succeed with the One Walmart philosophy. OneStone works across three well-supported legs of PDP creative, ads, and data reporting, creating a powerful trifecta that propels brands forward.

Investing in Walmart Connect isn't just about getting better placement or driving sales. It's about being part of a new way of doing business, one where connection and collaboration are the keys to success.

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